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Painted Kid Mohair D.K.

£ 12.00 Instock

Painted Kid Mohair D.K.

Softest Kid Mohair blended with pure Blue Faced Leicester Lambswool.

These yarns are hand painted and each is unique. Knitted on 4mm needles the yarn gives a good yardage and an average sweater will need around 600gms. As each batch is dyed individually to order you will need to telephone to discuss your requirements. Orders for these yarns cannot be taken during November and December as we are too busy to be able to do them.

The garment pictured gives an indication of how the yarns work. The yarn should be split into a number of smaller balls and without breaking off knit two or three balls in succession changing every two or three rows this will give you an even blend of shades.

70% Kid Mohair and 30% B.F.L Lambswool

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